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OTC Trading

OSL’s over-the-counter (OTC) trading combines access to unparalleled market liquidity with complete privacy and guaranteed price quotes. Each trade is conducted and executed directly against the counterpart and with no on-exchange price slippage or order book discovery. This ensures instant, seamless, secure transactions with near instant settlement.



Access to OSL intelligent Request For Quote (iRFQ) technology, an efficient and secure environment trading environment that provides ‘one-click access’ to a number of token options.

Easy access

Customers are ‘one-click’ away from a user-friendly interface, device agnostic interface that is available 24/7

Flexible product bundle

Weighted by market capitalization on a real-time basis, coin utility or a selection of other characteristics, OSL iRFQ instantly executes orders for bundles of digital assets which are immediately settled to hot or cold wallets


Supports digital asset trading in major currencies including USD, HKD, CHF, AUD, EUR, JPY & GBP



Earn token interest on your digital asset holdings

OSL Lending enables counterparts to earn interest from token holdings in an OSL Preferred account. Counterparts can earn interest based on market demand, account standing and agreed terms

interest rates

Multi-token coverage

Fixed and open term

From now to Apr 30, 2020, open a new OSL Preferred digital assets account and you can enjoy a 8% lending offer. Click here to know more about the offer

Earn up to 8%** p.a. token interest on digital asset holdings with optional early repayment

In addition to BTC, we support a wide array of highly liquid stable coins and ERC20 tokens

From 1 month to 12 months to cater to individual needs and preferences

Learn more about Lending by downloading the mini-series

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Generate premiums paid right away while optimizing your digital asset performance.


Immediate premiums

Multiple Tenors

Flexible Parameters

Receive an immediate premium payment in USD or a chosen digital asset

Tenors ranging from 1 month to 12 months to cater to individual needs and preferences Flexible parameters

Choose conversion levels and performance fees dependent on portfolio strategy

Learn more about Flexi+ by downloading the mini-series

By providing the information below, I agree to the use of personal data for direct marketing purposes by OSL SG PTE. LTD. and its affiliates (the “Group”). 


Store tokens in an insured, audited, and secured account


Advanced risk protocols

Comprehensive protection

Military grade technology

With coin purity technology, we are able to analyze coin provenance on specific blockchains

Processes and protection measures have been reviewed by our underwriters as part of the underwriting process

Built with military grade Faraday cage, multi-person access requirement, and multi-factor biometric authentication





Account funding

Rapid on-boarding


Start trading



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*Must be (i) onboarded to the Company, (ii) qualify as an accredited investor under Singaporean law, and (iii) maintain a minimum total relationship balance of USD $1,000,000, averaged on a monthly basis.

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